New Beginnings

Welcome to the new and Improved Blue Sky Graphx!

It's been a LONG time In coming. Hundreds of designs, Illustrations, hours spent figuring out all of Spotify's bells and whistles have finally paid off.

We plan to be the go-to place to find images that celebrate the mind, body, and spirit disciplines. You'll be able to wear them (t-shirts, hoodies, and leggings, among other items), put them on your wall in your home and/or office, even drink out of them with our beautiful coffee mugs.

Designs will be put up weekly, sometimes daily. I've got a LOT of designs. :D

Who am I? My name is Derrick Richardson. I'm also known as Meki Ra. I've been a professional Illustrator, comic book artist, designer, and worldbuilder for the past 30 years.

For the past 22 years, I've also practiced, researched, and taught meditation, nutrition, qigong, neigong, tai chi quan, neidan (internal alchemy), iron body and iron crotch neigong, magick, cross-cultural cosmology, anti-aging/life extension, yoga, kabbalah, gnostic christianity, sufism, zhan zhuang, and various breathing systems (It never seems like a lot until I say it or talk about it :)

I love all of these practices. I also love science, technology, and ever-growing validation and verification they bring to the ancient practices.

I'll be using this blog to discuss all of these subjects and how they can help you live happier and more successful lives. I have a lot of Information and a little bit of knowledge and will be sharing both with you, in addition to my art.

Please join me on the journey.

Hetep. (an Ancient Egyptian word meaning peace)


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